Morton Apostolic Christian Church 225 E Jefferson St., Morton, IL  61550  ph: 309-263-2883

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Doctrine and Faith

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Church Administration

Christ is the head of the church, as ordained of God. [Colossians 1:18-19] Ministers preach the Word and help in providing for the spiritual needs of each congregation. An elder has the spiritual oversight of each congregation in the biblical pattern of servant leadership. [1 Peter 5:1-5] An elder performs the rites of baptism, laying on of hands, communion and marriage, and counsels converts and members. All elders (approximately 60 in the entire denomination) comprise a national Council of Elders which seeks to provide Holy Spirit inspired doctrinal guidance and administration for the benefit of the various local congregations. This Council of Elders meets regularly and communicates with all of the churches to enhance unity and to share exhortations for the spiritual welfare of each individual. [Acts 15] The leadership committee of this council serves on a rotating basis so no ongoing authority will be vested in any one person or small group.