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Sunday School

Sunday school is held each Sunday morning for children preschool-aged through high school seniors. All are welcome. Three year olds through third grade participate in Kingdom Kids activities two Wednesdays per month. Fourth through eighth grade students participate in Youth Night activities on several Wednesday evenings per month. Students in high school participate in Teen Night activities several Wednesday evenings per month. Other activities throughout the year include participating in service projects, vacation Bible school, and the Easter and Christmas programs.


Adult Sunday School Class

Periodically an Adult Sunday School Class is offered for anyone who would like to learn more about the Bible in a small group setting. The class is offered on Sunday mornings and various topics are taught and discussed (i.e. Spiritual Gifts, Sanctification, etc.). Sign-up for these classes is at the information center when they are to be offered.


Monday Night Bible Study

The Morton church has conducted a Bible Study on Monday nights from 7:30 to 8:30 PM for over 25 years. In addition to studying book-by-book through the New Testament and portions of the Old Testament, topics such as “The Life of Christ”, “Parables of Jesus”, “End Time Prophecy” and “Forgiveness” have been studied. Monday Night Bible Study is open to all who are interested. For more information, contact Bro. Fred Funk (309)266-8140.


Bible and Missions

This program distributes Bibles and Bible story books (free of charge or obligation) to anyone who needs them.  Large print Bibles, audio Bibles, pocket Bibles, etc. are also available.  In addition, this program supports various local, national, and international mission organizations.  We sponsor missionaries and other projects such as prison ministries, Bible distribution projects, and Christian education programs including schools in Haiti, Mexico, and Jamaica.  For assistance or for more information, contact Jon Zeller at 309-266-9009, Terry Rassi at 309-263-2877 or Dennis Wells at 309-966-2333.


World Relief (local projects)

The mission of Apostolic Christian World Relief is to show the love of Jesus by providing helping others. World Relief reaches out to those in our own community, in our nation, and internationally. Typically, those being helped are suffering from disasters and/or are living in poverty. Some of the local World Relief activities that our church family is involved in include:

  • Local World Relief Projects: Opportunities abound to serve other in such activities as: helping to shingle a roof for a needy family or local mission agency, volunteering at the Child Sponsorship office, and driving semis of food and relief supplies to those in need.
  • Food Gift Certificates: In early November, there is a World Relief collection for food gift certificates. These certificates, along with a Bible and/or Bible Story book are distributed to local needy families just before Thanksgiving, and just before Christmas.
  • World Relief Sewing: The World Relief Sewing group meets at our Fellowship Hall on the first Tuesday of the month (during the school year). Projects include quilt-making and other sewing-related projects. Many of the quilts are donated to benefit auctions while other items are given directly to those in need.
  • Clothing Drive: We have a clothing drive each year to collect new and good used clothing to be distributed to those in need.
  • Local Disaster Response: Work teams to help clean up after tornados, fires, floods, or other disasters are organized by the Disaster Response Team.
  • Support of Denominational World Relief Efforts: Our local church also supports and participates in the efforts of the national Apostolic Christian World Relief board. This board coordinates both domestic (e.g,. rebuilding in Biloxi, AL after hurricane Katrina) and international (e.g., Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, India, etc.) relief work.

For more information, contact Todd Stoller.


Mission Work

There is a lot of mission work going on in the Apostolic Christian Church and specifically, in the Morton congregation.

Click below to read more about each missionary and remember to keep them in your prayers.

Nicole Knobloch

Casa Vida y Esperanza
Magdalena de Kino, Mexico

Kim Kaiser

Isaiah 55 Ministries
Reynosa, Mexico

Kendra Neihouser

Casa Vida y Esperanza
Magdalena de Kino, Mexico

More information about mission work:

Individuals & Families funded by Servant Fund
Missionaries in Haiti
Missionaries in Mexico
Missionaries in Ethiopia
Missionaries in Jamaica

See our Links page (in the Resources tab) to visit more mission ministries such as Gateway Woods and Casa Vida Y Esperanza.



The Barnabas Group

What is the purpose of The Barnabas Group?

The purpose is to connect people who have special needs with those who have a desire to help.

Who makes up The Barnabas Group?

Anyone in the congregation who is willing to give of his or her time and love to help those in need. Participation is voluntary.

Who is served by The Barnabas Group?

Church members and friends of our congregation facing difficult situations such as widows, those with illness or disability, single parents, and elderly, etc.

How can you become a part of The Barnabas Group?

Join The Barnabas Group by signing up to help in one or more of the following categories based on your spiritual gifts, talents, and interests:
   Food • Transportation • Visiting • Household Help • Prayer • Disaster Relief • Financial Stewardship • Mentoring Program

You can sign up in either of the following ways:
Option #1: Go to the Morton Apostolic Christian Church web site at and sign in with your username and password. Once logged in, click on “Email Subscription Sign Up” on the left hand side of the page and click on “Subscribe” by any of The Barnabas Group’s email list categories that you would like to participate in. When a need is recognized you will receive an e-mail with details that you can respond to if you wish to help.

Option #2: If you do not have e-mail please call the coordinator and they will add your name to any category you are interested in. You will receive a call with details when a need arises.

How can you or someone you know access the services of The Barnabas Group?

Contact the coordinators Brad and Tonya Kaufmann if you or someone you know could use the services of The Barnabas Group. They will then forward details of that need to the team leaders of the group or groups best suited to help.

Service Areas and Team Leaders

    Coordinator Brad and Tonya Kaufmann (266-7017

    When the coordinator is contacted with information regarding a need, they will gather and forward the details of that need to one or more of the following team leaders.

    Food Clint and Stephanie Heinold (263-4384

    The food committee will serve when there is an opportunity to take food to new mothers, those affected by illness, or surgery, etc.

    Transportation Doug and Dawn Baer (241-2442

    This committee will take advantage of opportunities to provide transportation to church functions, medical appointments, grocery shopping, or other special needs.

    Visiting Jeff and Jane Kieser (266-2540

    This committee will visit shut-ins, the sick, lonely, or aged on a regular basis, and may include some small group singing in their homes.

    Household Help Mark and Cheryl Wuthrich (263-0691

    This group will have the opportunity to help those who need temporary assistance with their computer, household chores, repairs, laundry, yard work, shopping, etc.

    Prayer Joe and Barb Zimmerman (263-0254

    Those involved with this group will commit to utilize the power of prayer and encouragement for those with special needs such as illness, surgery, or difficult situations, along with supporting the needs of the church as a whole.

    Disaster Relief Jeff and Jane Kieser (266-2540

    This committee will assist in time of natural disaster such as tornados, flooding, fire, blizzards, etc.

    Financial Stewardship Todd and Wendy Sauder (263-6623

    This group will help those who need assistance with such financial matters as establishing a spending plan (budgeting), getting out of debt, saving, and giving.

    Mentoring Program Mark and Cheryl Wuthrich (263-0691

    This program is designed to offer mentoring to individuals or couples in several areas including spiritual, personal and/or relationship growth. Please contact Ted Sr. or Jr. if you are interested in having a mentor or being a mentor.